Owner Options

Picture Yourself Here – How Would You Own This Mountain Home?

Ownership Option A:  Full Time Resident

Live the Dream.  Settle in Revy.

Revelstoke or “Revy” as the locals call it, truly is a unique place to settle and we don’t blame you for wanting to.

Making 200 Revelstoke your primary residence means you’re centrally located in the heart of this historic town where you can walk to and from shops, cafes, restaurants and services. Within just a few minutes’ drive, you can escape to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, or experience a long list of outdoor pursuits.

With the welcoming and friendly people, and a year round population of just over 7,000, you’ll feel like a member of the community in no time.

Ownership Option B: Property Managed Vacation Home

The Ultimate Vacation Destination.  Here When You Need It.

Owning a vacation home in Revelstoke is becoming a popular choice for many, increasing property management services in town by a booming 600%. This increase means there’s a large selection of professional property management companies capable of handling your investment for you, leaving you with the option to visit when you choose.  Plus, it offers huge potential to earn rental revenues when you’re not using the home.   If this is a consideration for you, more information on rental management and potential rental returns is available.

Ownership Option C: Exclusive Vacation Home

Hitting the Vacation Home Lottery.  Your Home Awaits.

You’ve made the right choice to vacation in Revelstoke – it’s a place where you can choose your own adventure to escape from it all. Whether you are the outdoorsy type who enjoys long days on the slopes, or someone who prefers to relax at the spa, there are plenty of fantastic options waiting for you.

In between vacations, either lock up and let your security system monitor the home or engage one of the many property managers or concierge service providers to care for it and prepare for your next arrival date.  All you need to do is prepare for a carefree holiday.